Absolute Angel

My Mum is an absolute angel, she is the most dearest, sweetest lady in this world! She sprikles kindness whereever she goes…..talks & smiles at everyone she sees! Has has such a big, warmheart & will give you the clothes on her back; in fact you xannot leave her house without her giving you sonething, even a flower or an apple,avo, whatever she has! I love & adore her so much as she laughs all the time ,picks you up with her caring nature & beautiful spirit AND she is 82, survived colon cancer two years ago, has a stoma bag &she never complains, bless her!!
I would so love her to be spoilt, she really does deserve it, she is the very best Mum, Gran & Great Granny.
If my girls look up to me the way I look up to my Mum then I know I have done a great job….
Thank you, much love
Sue xxxxx